In developing countries like India, inventsuite has come up with a complete solution to grow and take your business online, e-commerce is taken into account as a catalyst to the economic process. India presently is a very fast-growing and dynamic country.

E-commerce is playing a huge role in boosting the economy and is giving retail brands a chance to sell their products to the global audience.

As online customers are increasing, e-commerce platforms are always in search of updated software solutions and giving better visibility of products directly to customers and merchants.

There are various aspects to an E-commerce business that constitute the availability chain ecosystem like SKU’s, distributed order management systems, warehouse management systems, last-mile delivery, etc. These processes are in continuous synchronization for providing a far better and efficient delivery of the merchandise to the customer.

However, this example has been completely changed. In today’s fast-moving world consumers don’t have the patience and can’t wait for their orders to be delivered for days. They expect an equivalent or next-day delivery. Henceforth, e-commerce companies are finding and adopting new solutions at different stages for simplifying and managing the end-to-end e-commerce supply chain.

Businesses are expanding their horizons and adopting cloud-based SaaS software solutions for creating a strong supply chain with more visibility and better control over product movement.

SaaS just doesn’t give more operational benefits, but these solutions also are very cost-effective. The businesses don’t have to spend tons on the IT infrastructure but they only need to pay a one-time fee on the subscription to use the SaaS-based software.

In recent times the global Covid pandemic has created a great impact on the demand and supply system for every retail business/brand across the planet, giving rise to the E-commerce industry altogether.

As consumers are not able to shop freely like before and the flexibility to get the goods at your doorsteps has created a great opportunity for Industries like Pharma, FMCG, groceries, etc. to create an online presence for their customers.

Traditional brands are now trying their best to influence e-commerce and implement various strategies for changing their customer’s expectations.

These startups need to build a reliable and faster solution to satisfy their customers and fulfill their needs on time.

Advance technology and supply chain solutions can enable these sectors to manage their stocks and logistics in real-time across multiple warehouses and cities and would be a serious competitive advantage over traditional supply chains, but can be a costly affair.

This is where Inventsuite can be a game-changer for any online store.

Why Choose InventSuite For Your Online Store

In the 21st century, the web has changed almost every aspect of our lives in ample ways.

The foremost significant change is within the way we shop. Since mobile phones, laptops, and computers became present everywhere, the availability of faster internet has also become a catalyst.

More and more people are leveraging this technology to shop online, whether it’s a much bigger purchase or simply buying daily groceries.

The fashion industry is not any more different.

In 2020, it was observed that 58% of the worldwide population made a web purchase, and nearly half those purchases were associated with clothing, accessories, and footwear. The e-commerce industry has the foremost impact on the fashion industry.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, the web apparel industry can reach a valuation of $765 billion, a rise of $281 billion. Currently, nearly 27% of the fashion industry is online which may increase up to 36% in four years as per a recent report from Forrester.

A few reasons why shoppers like better to shop online are:

  • More options to choose from
  • Higher chances of finding a great deal
  • Lower prices online
  • Easy to seek out desired products
  • Availability of real reviews of products

Thus, if you’re within the apparel industry, then it’s the proper time to take your brand online, increase sales, and grow your business.

Developing a successful, profitable online fashion store requires effort and resources, and one thing which is very important and inevitable i.e. an honest & reliable eCommerce development platform.

InventSuite is the most suitable option for it. It’s built an excellent reputation over the years and comes among the topmost eCommerce development platforms.

Only E-commerce Focused Platform

InventSuite has been developed with only one motive- to host e-commerce websites. All the eyes and resources of the corporation are directed to supply the simplest possible e-commerce experience, not only to the purchasers but also to online merchants and stakeholders. InventSuite keeps coming with new updates and nonstop support during which they supply new features & functionalities, enhance security, fix existing bugs, and far more.

Next Level Mobile & PWAs

People now like to make a sale within the most convenient way.

If they’re browsing social media and see a clothing item or any accessory, then it’s not necessary to attend a physical store, or if they see a billboard on TV, then most of the people have a smartphone in hand to see that item.

Flexibility, Scalability, Personalization

The fashion brands will get amazing flexibility with InvntSuite. The merchants can personalize the shop as per their industry niche. They’re going to have vast control over how their online store will appear. Within the apparel industry, uniqueness and originality are highly important.

In fashion, you’ve got to point out to yourself that you simply are selling a lifestyle, not just clothes. InventSuite, with its customization & personalization options, can assist you continuously. Furthermore, you’ll scale your website up or down as per your requirements which is very important for little merchants.

Multi-Source Inventory

In InventSuite, you get a multi-source inventory, which the style merchants can use for managing inventory for multiple locations and thus increase the efficiency of their operations. The merchants can assign products to warehouses for delivery. Tracking the inventory across various sources for fulfilling orders.

SEO & Marketing Solutions

Regardless of how good fashion items you manufacture, you’ll get business with no proper marketing, analytics, and SEO. InventSuite comes with SEO capabilities solutions that will assist you in recovering program results. You’ll easily configure your e-commerce website to include metadata, product & category descriptions, sitemaps, custom URLs, etc.

Loyalty, Rewards, Coupons:

You can promote your InventSuite Fashion Store by utilizing different solutions like loyalty programs, rewards, or point programs. InventSuite also allows you to use discount coupons. It’s easy to implement these solutions in InventSuite for improving customer retention.

Improved Shipping, Schema, and Security:

The latest release of InventSuite includes advanced-level support for shipping. The developers can declare the specified state of the database in the order that the system can adjust automatically.

The InventSuite store has become highly secure, because of Google RECAPTCHA, 2-factor authentication, and lots of other things.


InventSuite is a Saas platform, and it keeps coming with new versions or releases. To increase the functionality of your InventSuite store, you’ll find an enormous range of extensions. These extensions can make your e-commerce store better and help you increase your sales growth.

A lot of extensions are liberal to use, but you’ll also find some premium extensions for your fashion online store. Whether it’s shipping, delivery, payment solutions, advanced search, visual merchandising, or anything such as.


InventSuite promises for delivering the simplest level of customer experience while improving the interior business processes within the apparel industry.

Whether you need to develop a physical products e-commerce store or digital products eCommerce store, we are having expertise in developing InventSuite e-commerce stores from scratch. Our certified InventSuite developers are highly experienced in developing such custom stores.

At InventSuite, we are having experience in building highly captivating and user-friendly online fashion stores from scratch. Our team of InventSuite certified developers can deliver you astonishing fashion stores. Please allow us to know your requirements.